Machine Learning

Appsbee leverages the best of Machine Learning to provide real-time cognitive automation at cloud scale. With our 360-degree approaches and innovations, we are emerging as one of the most desired ML service providers.

Machine Learning has led to the enhancement of human capabilities through the use of machines and the utilization of such enhanced capabilities for faster delivery and stupendous growth. ML has shaped performance through enhanced planning, risk management and sensible analysis.

Machine Learning (ML) is the core of AI which gives applications the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning applications access the new data and run algorithms on them to learn in order to improve their ability for perfection. Every business is generating a large volume of data each day. With the help of Machine Learning technologies, we can identify a specific pattern or a trigger which in turn unlocks the hidden opportunities or possibilities important to the business.

Our Services

Speech Recognition through NLU

1. With Machine Learning and deep learning, we enable speech recognition using Natural Language Understanding (NLU).
2. Using open source libraries in voice recognition, we can build a powerful application for users to make business more interactive and reachable.

Image Recognition

Machine Learning has led to the development of applications that recognize images with perfection.

Natural Language Generation( NLG)

With NLG, we aim at creating error-free automated online contents through robo-journalism, by recognizing language based on the given data.

NLP: Natural Language Processing

Machine Language enables computers to automatically recognize natural human languages with NLP mechanism and process huge data.

Virtual Agent

A virtual agent is a human-like machine with emotions and expressions. The virtual agent uses NLU, speech recognition and NLG. Results are highly reliable and accurate

Spam Protection

By machine learning, we can make spam protection app smarter and better. ML-based spam protection app trains itself based on the new spam emails received and it gets better and better with each passing day.

We Incorporate Machine Learning In The Following Areas

  • Amazon machine learning platform; we have proven record in predicting sales cancellation 87% correctly. Additionally, we could predict the possibility of the time period before a customer cancelled anything.
  • Creating models with regular expression
  • Regression methodologies
  • Binary methods
  • Integration of Amazon ML API to automate the machine training process
  • Training a machine with historical data
  • We are working on deep learning modules like TensorFlow for language transfer and mathematical calculations

What Clients Are Saying

Appsbee is best firm to choose for a flawless execution. Not only team brings creative ideas to table but they also are extremely fast in delivery with outstanding quality. I interviewed several other firms before choosing them and i am glad i made a decision to go with Appsbee.

- CEO, Waupi LLC

Project finished very well and on time. Thank you guys for your great work! Looking forward to doing more projects in the future.

- Scholastic

Appsbee is building a moible social networking app for me. So far they have made this development process an amazing experience!!! The best if the best i highly recommend Appsbee!

- Galazin Design

Our clients

We have well-defined processes for every function that ensure successful development and smooth delivery. Over the years,