Worklog Management System for a Giant MNC

The giant MNC based out of Europe needed a worklog and payment management system for their large engineering projects where thousands of contractual workers get paid based on their engagement. We built a secured application to track hours and payments of each worker. Multi-Level approval was needed to approve hours and payments.


Worklog and payment management system was needed to track thousands of contractual workers who work in engineering projects.


We build the worklog management system to track the hours and payments. Multilevel approval with analytics were developed.


  • The system needed to be designed in such a way so that it can be used for multiple projects simultaneously and a centralized control was needed for reporting and project management.
  • The new system needed to be integrated with the existing systems to sync data.
  • A lot of manual work needed to be automated and we had to interact with the ground level stakeholders to capture the requirements.


  • We designed a robust system very carefully to manage the complexity of the business logic and provided dynamic solution to manage roles and access.
  • We engaged with the ground level managers to understand their AS IS process and designed the software which can be easily acceptable and adaptable.
  • The system was designed with scalability and it could easily be integrated with their existing system.
  • Provided training to every stakeholder and gave all the necessary support to all the stakeholders to achieve digital transformation.


There are many features that we have developed in phases. Few of them are given below.

  • Hour-Log and time management
  • Role and access management
  • Multi-level approval system
  • Payment tracking
  • Accounting integration

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