Our Services

Our Cloud Transition Service (CTS) aims at seamlessly integrating cloud into your business and providing the best cloud solutions with specially designed methodologies. Our Cloud Advisory services ascertain a strong groundwork for your cloud enterprise.

Cloud Fitness and Roadmap Generation

Not everything is intended for the cloud. We look into the business processes and identify good cloud migration contenders. These are the ones that need major investment to preserve and grow in-house, but are easier to migrate to the cloud.

IT Optimization

We take a comprehensive look at your existing infrastructure, including legacy technologies and systems, and present cost-effective options.

Architecture Analysis

Cloud architectures need a special approach for setting up native applications and integrating present ones. Our cloud experts make reference architectures and procedures that give greater certainty and power.

TCO, Security and Compliance

We assess the sensitivity of the information that may move to the cloud. To make assured fulfillment with industry and government policies, we also point security safeguards that must be put in place and integrated with your current rules.

SaaS Selection and Strategy

From the many SaaS services obtainable in the cloud, we examine the best alternative so that you make a knowledgeable judgment that best suits your requirements.

The Way We Work

We take a good look at our client’s goal and define our approach accordingly to ensure that they get the most out of the available cloud options. We do so by utilizing our in-depth domain knowledge, which eventually diminishes the project timelines and deployment risks.

Focusing more on Customers

By incorporating cloud, we ensure that businesses get more and more compendious and customer-oriented. Businesses get to constantly keep in touch with the customers by maintaining a systematic cloud framework.

Faster Outcomes

With the flexibility of the access from anywhere within the permissible framework, by integrating cloud, we help businesses to manage tasks faster, thus quickening the delivery process.

Reducing Costs

Our Cloud solutions help businesses to reduce the IT infrastructure costs, by maintaining the entire business network within a single framework. This in turn minimizes maintenance costs.

The Realm of our Functionality

From setting up Content Delivery Network (CDN) to working with Relational Database Services( RDS), we do it all in a Cloud.

Amazon AWS:

We have successfully integrated Amazon AWS for Cloud. What we actually do here:

  • Server Management- a) EC2 instance creation; b) EC2 load balancing ; c) S3 bucket
  • Server Security d) AWS WAF and shield, e) cloudwatch
  • Database Management- a) database creation, b) database migration, c) masterslave architecture

Google Cloud Platform (GCP):

This is yet another Cloud platform we employ to make business processes seamless.

  • Server Management- a) instance creation; b) load balancing; c) GCS(Google Cloud Storage);
  • Database Management- a) database creation and maintenance, b) database migration, c) masterslave architecture

What We Can Do For The Customer

In order to manage vast data and access points in any business, we employ DevOps to assist customers to operate with ease within the cloud, thus seamlessly juxtaposing software development and software operations.


1. We engage in code development and review
2. We employ source code management tools
3. We perform code merging


1. We employ Continuous integration tools
2. We engage in Creating build status


We ensure continuous testing tools and provide feedback on business risks


We maintain- 1. Artifact repository
2. Application for pre-deployment staging


We engage in- 1. Change management
2. Release approvals
3. Release automation


1. We engage in infrastructure configuration and management
2. We use infrastructure as Code tools


1. We assist in applications performance monitoring
2. We ensure outstanding end–user experience

What Clients Are Saying

Appsbee is best firm to choose for a flawless execution. Not only team brings creative ideas to table but they also are extremely fast in delivery with outstanding quality. I interviewed several other firms before choosing them and i am glad i made a decision to go with Appsbee.

- CEO, Waupi LLC

Project finished very well and on time. Thank you guys for your great work! Looking forward to doing more projects in the future.

- Scholastic

Appsbee is building a moible social networking app for me. So far they have made this development process an amazing experience!!! The best if the best i highly recommend Appsbee!

- Galazin Design

Our clients

We have well-defined processes for every function that ensure successful development and smooth delivery. Over the years,