Businesses Stand On The Acme Of Security With Blockchain

With the concept of open laser, Blockchain removes the third-party authentication in transactions. Blockchain-based systems are the most reliable and unbreakable in terms of security. We help businesses manage transactions with the highest security by incorporating Blockchain.

Areas Where We have Integrated Blockchain

Blockchain allows financial service providers like transport, banks, insurance companies, etc to manage transactions safely and securely. We have successfully incorporated Blockchain in the logistics industry and tracking systems.

Blockchain and Logistics

In Logistics, Blockchain helps to provide a clearer picture of transactions from individual customers by breaking the system into nodes, thus cryptographically securing transactions

  • simplifies tracking of numerous customers
  • reduces risks of tampered data or delayed shipments
  • reduces cost and time of shipment
  • product tracking is possible at every step of its journey: where the product is, when the customer will get that product, etc.
  • seamless auditing
  • protection of sensitive data and reduced chances of shipment thefts

Blockchain and Tracking Systems

The GPS tracking system has facilitated tracking of anything from anywhere, from kids going to schools to booked cabs reaching destinations. Our tracking solution provides real-time tracking of vehicles, people and much more. It is extremely vital to make sure that the tracking information is safe and is never in the wrong hands. Here comes the need for Blockchain.

  • secures sensitive tracking data cryptographically
  • the sensitive tracking data is shielded from misuse by unauthorized users

Blockchain Can Be Implemented In So Many Sectors


By cryptographically encrypting data within a decentralized cloud storage using Blockchain, chances of hacking or unauthorized changes are minimized.


Insurance companies have too much of sensitive information which need to be made invulnerable. Using Blockchain, we can help insurance companies maintain sensitive data within a secured decentralized network, instead of centralized data keeping.

Real Estate

By replacing paper-based record keeping with Blockchain-based decentralized record keeping, problems like bureaucracy, error in records and fraudulent transactions can be reduced significantly.


Heath organizations like hospitals need to maintain an excessively large amount of vital data of numerous patients. Maintaining this data in Blockchain systems secures and simplifies individual patient data access.


We can help retail systems maintain transactions between buyers and sellers within a secured decentralized network using Blockchain, without the need of any middlemen.

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