The purpose of this document is to highlight the process of a real world implementation of a mobile application by team Appsbee. The document provides virtual guidance on how solutions were provided to every individual requirement, making Waupi a global product.

Project details

Waupi was initiated by a team of dynamic people, who envisioned of delivering a sophisticated travel and hotel stay experience to every traveller. Waupi was rooted in the idea of bringing every facility and experience of hotel check-in within one single stop. The goal was to develop a mobile application that would fetch real time information to the travellers. With Waupi, a registered user can request a hotel shuttle and fetch real time information on the same. The user can also fetch other value information on hotels and make required actions as per. Unlike past years, the desired outcome was to deliver an easy and seamless experience of staying in a hotel, which would be hassle free at every step. It helps you plan, book and manage your stay in a hotel, all in a click of fingers and shuffle of pages.

Project Requirements

The primary requirement of Waupi was to build a unanimous mobile platform that would modernize the way travellers place their hotel stay requirements, and make access to the hotel facilities in a very easy yet engaging environment. One of the foremost requirement of Waupi was to make customers a significant and constant part of the whole experience. Waupi was needed to be the one-step-for-all hotel information requirements for the travellers. Waupi was intended not only to fetch real time information, but also offer a platform to share the experience in social media channels. The performance requirement was to build a user friendly mobility solutions that could provide customers with the latest functionality within the hospitality industry. The design requirement was to make a unified application dedicated to hotel stay experience, that would ba fast, secure, easy to use, easy to track, and reliable; one that would allow stakeholders to be a part of a seamless online system, in a very social milieu.

Features developed by Appsbee

Appsbee is an emerging leader in the field of application engineering service. Waupi outsourced the product development of most of its critical modules to Appsbee; and to attend those time-to-market needs, Appsbee developed some of the significant features to make Waupi a global product. Based on the market needs, and the architecture and data flow of Waupi, the Appsbee architects developed the following functionality-

  • Smart check-in- The feature is designed to enable easy check-in to the hotel rooms for the customers. It also allows the travellers to access itemized receipts of their stay experience.
  • ETA Shuttle feature- The ETA shuttle functionality is the smartest of the entire features in the product. It allows a registered user to access real time cab/ shuttle information from airport to the hotel, and also vice versa. The user can view real time movement and track the location of the shuttle via Waupi application.
  • Connect- The feature allows users to share their in-hotel experience with the hotel management, or in any social media platforms.
  • Explore Hotel- This is where one can access to all the in-hotel facilities and can make the most from the stay. One can easily find out hotel spa facilities, detailed restaurant menus, and local entertainment options and information on the same.
  • House Keeping- Whether you need to schedule a laundry up, or set up a do-not-disturb preference, this functionality allows you to do it all.
  • Offers- The ‘offers’ feature was a special feature developed by the team that helps users to access to some of the listed coupon services. Once the coupon selection is made, it generates a bar code, which needs to be scanned later at the store to avail the coupon service.
waupi_app waupi_app

Application Screens

Waupi screen Waupi screen Waupi screen Waupi screen Waupi screen Waupi screen Waupi screen Waupi screen


The visionary platform of Waupi required integration fo multiple mobile technologies. The development of the real time shuttle movement/ location tracking feature was one of the challenging and consuming part of the whole product development process. The development of the Bar Code generation feature in the ‘coupon offers’ was another challenging task for the team, that had to be implemented with latest mobile technologies. This sort of functionality development required a very robust change management process- a problem that was solved by constant communication between Appsbee and Waupi teams.

Solutions Provided

From the very beginning, the Appsbee team worked in collaboration with Waupi team to make the application scalable, from the concept to functional level. The team had to cope with the highly dynamic requirements, and put their best foot forward for rapid implementation of the functionality.

With the leverage of the best of modern technologies, the team developed the Bar Code feature which was the gateway for availing the offer coupons. The team developed the Push Notifications functionality to keep customers updated of every aspect of their hotel stay experience. Once a customer sends request to avail the hotel service, the request is passed on to the hotel server. The hotel admin then approves the request, after which the customer can access to the facilities and hotel services. The team used Ruby On Rails for the front end development of the website. For the database building, the team implemented MySQL. The Android application is developed in a manner, so it supports from API versions 14-21.

The successful delivery of Waupi application is a proof to the technical finesse of the Appsbee team. Waupi has paved a new mark in the global world of hotel stay experience. It is an idea which is turned into reality in the hands of Appsbee technicians, opening the gateway to seamless hotel stay experience.




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