With the rising expenses and aging of population, the healthcare industry is changing rapidly the way it's operating. Increasing prevalence of chronic diseases is also working as a catalyst for the change.

"According to a new report published by IHS Technology, the number of patients worldwide using tele-health services will rise from less than 350,000 in 2013 to roughly seven million in 2018. Additionally, the report estimates that revenue for tele-health services will surplus tenfold, from $440.6 million in 2013 to $4.5 billion in 2018. The report's authors point to the introduction of mobile health hubs and projected growth in wearable technology as catalysts for such growth."
- Source HIS

However, the major reason for the slow growth of the industry is due to poor implementation, lack of physician support and low reimbursement rate while poor implementation is playing a critical role to reach the industry to its tripping point.

Here is a quick look of expected growth rate of the telehealth industry.

The statistics shows the potential of the industry and we strongly believe you can easily ride on the growth stream with proper tele-health implementation . Appsbee has its in-depth domain knowledge in tele-health implementation.

Overview :

Our tele-health solution team is highly experienced in business solutions for SME and large organizations. The solutions that we provide addresses both enterprise and customer-related challenges and opportunities to drive business transformation through tele-health. Our team has high level of domain expertise in building and implementing tele-health solution for different healthcare organizations. Here are the features that we have developed for other organizations -

  • Implementations of video call between providers and patients
  • HIPAA Texting
  • Realtime messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Mobile charge capture
  • Automated discharge, admission, transfer and clinical push notification
  • Rounding and call scheduling management
  • Case history
  • Secured patient portal


For video based calling solution, we have extensively used WEBRTC based solutions like OpenTalk, Tokbox etc. We have successfully connected mobile devices (both iOS and android) and web application via OpenTalk, which means, a call is initiated from an iPhone, the call gets through an android device or from a PC. The rest of the implementation, we have built on LAMP stack.


We have designed the solution to work on android, iOS and all type of computers including laptop, desktop and tablet pcs.


  • Planning the solution for the organization’s need
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance