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Worldwide growth in SaaS market from 2011-2015
  • SaaS: market prediction of 2015 is $21.2B
  • SaaS: is growing more than 5 times faster than conventional software market.
  • 85% of all new applications are being architected for SaaS

Today it’s mandatory for developers and manufacturers to anticipate market changes and shift quickly to meet the need of end customers. Hence, investment in automation has changed for small and medium sized companies. At present, instead of building customized software for their specific needs, leaders are choosing available mobile and SaaS solutions, which address the bigger and general needs of the business. These mobile and SaaS solutions help businesses to cut down their IT expenditure and also to get away from the hectic software development process. These changes in the global IT market have created huge opportunities for the entrepreneurs who have knowledge in specific industry and are interested in building a product for them. The mobile and SaaS industry is expected to grow appreciably by 2017.

Appsbee helps these entrepreneurs to build mobie and SaaS solutions for any industry. Experienced engineers, architects with dynamic leadership work closely with the clients to produce the best possible solution envisioned by entrepreneurs. We understand that start-ups change and increase the scope of work constantly during the initial go.

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