This case study lays out the development process of development of a set of applications (mobile and web)developed by Appsbee, and results of real-world implementation, aimed to coach skiing enthusiasts and beginners, and effectively manage the courses, schedule trainings and track the progress of the students. The document also underlines how all requirements were met with adequate solutions making Snofolio an efficient ski coaching app solution.

Project details:

The client wanted an app solution to work as a supporttool to aid the ski training which included several programs, levels and difficulties or objectives.The project aimed to develop solutions that could work as training support for instructors and a platform where students could get feedback effectively for every evaluation/ every time they were evaluated.

Project Requirements

The project required creation of a common platform that allowed the super admin, resorts and instructors to operate in a synchronized manner. There was also requirement of a student app where students could get detailed feedback on their performance through a report card.

The super admin couldview, supervise and exercise control across the hierarchy. The super admin could assign programs under each ski resort;fix the training schedules and any other functions that may be necessary for smooth administration and management of the training school.

The ski resorts directly under the super admin could register students, provide UIN to students, view programs--completed as well as under progress, view instructor and student profiles.

Instructors could create events and add students to the event, create multiple report cards for every objective with respect to a selected program.

To allow each functionary conduct their operations freely separate interconnected web apps and mobile apps were created. Since the extent of power of each of the functionary differed and so did their functions this was a more full-proof solution.


The entire project came as a challenge as there were different levels of functions and authority, and solution was needed to help these different levelswork in tandem while operating separately in their respective spheres. This added to the size of the project.

However, the biggest challenge in this project was to add full offline capabilities to the instructor and student mobile apps. With respect to the requirements of the project all functionalities were made to work fully in offline mode. Here is the list:

grubjet_app docsink_app
  • Event creation
  • Student addition
  • Report Card Creation
  • Offline media storage and auto sync
  • Offline data management in mobile storage.
  • Background auto sync without blocking the UI.
  • Showing media captured in the mobile app on the web-app user profiles.
  • Development of Database Architecture in minute level
  • Keeping the restriction of mobile app size

What Appsbee did

Team Appsbee maintained the system a way that all the APIs have separate layer to communicate with the web-apps and mobile-apps. This made the system fast enough to handle multiple concurrent requests from the users. The team usedusing CDN and load balancer to receive the requests from the users and respond back as quickly as possible. Load balancer is filtering the requests of the users whereas CDN is responsible for delivering the contents to end-users with high availability and high performance because it works as globally distributed network of proxy servers. Installation of ffmpeg reduced the media size and that kept the app to its original size.

Application Screens

snowfolio screen snowfolio screen snowfolio screen snowfolio screen



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