Media and Publishing

With the decline in print media and the increase in the popularity of online and digital media, organizations are moving away from paper based models and engaging themselves in the process of publishing. Big shot media houses like CNN, Fox Business Network etc. have come up with their personalized mobile applications to deliver content to the reader's fingertips. International publishing houses such as B&W Publishing, BBC Books, Hackett Publishing Company have been investing heavily on e-publishing and mobile publishing. The e-publishing industry has been growing sharply for the past few years and most of the publishing houses are using technology to digitize contents and publishing. A huge chunk of audience is shifting to the their mobile devices and are relying upon easily accessible social media networks to stay updated with latest news. A research by The Guardian Media shows that- 64% users in Facebook uses the site as a social media, whereas, 30% uses it to get news on site. 51% of Youtube viewers uses the site as social network, whereas, 10% are starting to rely on it as news generation site. 16% of users in Twitter uses it as a social media, whereas, exactly half of the amount, i.e; 8% of users have already adopted it as a reliable source of news generation.

This shift in media channels and behavior of people in the present age is the proof to how fast the trends are changing and how vastly it is being adopted.

We at Appsbee understand the transformation and the importance of each source and provide appropriate and beneficial digital publishing solutions which come in the form of mobility. Appsbee provides end to end e-publishing and mobility solutions to the media houses and readers. Our e-publishing solutions enables media houses to publish books online with just a few clicks. Appsbee's epub solution allows indie publishers to publish their books online and mobile without any technical knowledge. On the other hand, our "m-readers" solution for iOS and Android platforms is a complete solution which gives an amazing reading experience to the readers.