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The purpose of this document is to highlight the process and results of a real-world implementation of a mobile application by team Appsbee. The document provides virtual guidance on how solutions were provided to every individual requirement, making HEY a global product.

Project details

HEY is a Salt, Lake City, Utah, USA based start up, envisioned to make texting experience simpler and faster, by drastically cutting the time spent. The goal was to supplement regular texting by making it ridiculously easy for the user to initiate fun or useful texts to their most frequent contacts- including best friends, family members, peers, social groups, or social media sites. The outcome was to bring simplicity in every texting experience, and this is where lies the beauty of the app. HEY is faster, performs within few taps on the messages, and reaches the selected addressee within seconds. HEY is all about touch-touch-send. It’s that simple.

Project Requirements

The primary requirement of HEY was to build a texting app that would effectively run as native iOS and Android versions, using the best technology in a timely fashion. HEY required to build a seamless platform where every messaging experience is effortless and customized. The performance requirements was to build an app which could work effectively for individual as well as group message sharing, add emoticons, all in a tap of a finger, with the shortest access ever. The design requirement was to make a mobile texting app which could unanimously run across Android and iPhone platforms, would be fast, secure, easy to share, enables quick accessibility, quick sharing, edit, re-arrange or customize messages, have customized themes; in a very social milieu.

Significant features developed by Appsbee for HEY

Every module of the messaging app HEY comes with a unique functionality. It is faster, it is simpler, and it is smarter than other messaging application. What makes it stand unique is its extremely efficient UX design. Every aspect could be accessed within taps. No shuffle and no moving back and fro from one screen to another. Every feature developed by Appsbee team is an outcome of the consideration that the product should bring a joyful and effortless way of communicating with people.

Based on the present architecture and data flow of the client, the following major features were developed by Appsbee architects as practical solutions for the application to make it a global product:

  • The app integrates with the user’s phone SMS messaging capability to send messages
  • The app integrates with the user’s contacts database.
  • The app enables a user to take a photo, select photo from existing photo library as share it as attachment.
  • The sending message feature of the product enables a user to send message to individuals as well as customized group.
  • One can also select pre defined emoticons from the in-app library and share it as attachments.
  • The ‘edit’ feature is one of the smartest one that enables users to edit contacts info and messages by using a standard popup keyboard.
  • The array of uniquely designed color themes of the app makes it a lively, bringing fun experience of messaging to every user.
hey_app hey_app

Application Screens

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  • The foremost challenge for the team was to compress the images without any loss in quality and successfully sending it to the server. The images had to be compressed to 50kb or below, before sharing. The images once compressed, degrades in quality. As per requirement of the project , the team had to develop the feature in a manner that enables user to maintain standard quality of the files, even after compressed.
  • Saving sub message under each menu, and tracking those menu for further editing was another challenge for the development team. This further increased when the developers had to re-arrange the menus and save those under personalized user’s choice.
  • To choose personalized theme and then change each one of menu’s color according to the theme and then save it to the database, was one big challenge for the design team concerned with the application building.

Solutions provided/ How Appsbee delivered

The HEY team outsourced the development of most of the critical modules of the app to Appsbee; and the highly experienced pool of Appsbee architects with the leverage of modern technologies, successfully attended the requirements, making HEY a uniquely different product in the global market. The team worked very closely with offshore team to understand their present architecture and data flow, and provide technical solutions to those.

The successful implementation of the critical modules of the application is an example of technical flair of the Appsbee team. Appsbee R&D team, with integration with the development team, took leverage of the latest technical aspects to make the product as easy to use, yet stand in a global platform.

The team took leverage of custom algorithms to scale the images to be shared, resize it to below 100 kb, without any loss to the photo quality. The technicians even used custom algorithms to build the custom message and sub message templates fragment concept, for better and faster performance. The color theme as well as appearance of the screens had to look unique, to which the team had to implement customized codes.

The team had to cope with the highly dynamic requirements, and put their best foot forward for rapid implementations. Further, the development team also eliminated the time zone barrier to a large extent, by making themselves available, ensuring 70% overlap with HEY’s time zone.




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