Over the years Appsbee has been providing end to end solutions to the healthcare industry by introducing innovative solutions which solves real problems in the industry. Due to healthcare reformation and new regulations, the healthcare industry is changing at a faster pace. Revolution in mobility has also created huge opportunity in the industry leaders to redefine the healthcare services and make it more efficient and cost effective.

End to End solution:

Our industry experts study your business closely, understand the pain areas and define value propositions which not only solve problems but also add enormous value to the business. Appsbee helps healthcare organizations such as clinics, hospitals, pharmacy, insurance etc to take advantage of cloud based application which consolidate the businesses by optimizing the server and maintenance cost and increasing efficiency by a complete automation. Appsbee also provides effective mobility solution which enables organizations to step further towards the patient-centric approach.

Telemedicine / telehealth :

Research shows that remote monitoring and tele-medicine / tele-health applications will double from $11.6 billion in 2011 to $27.3 billion in 2016. With use of open source technology such as webRTC Appsbee has successfully implemented complete tele-health solutions for many companies in USA and UK. To build a complete cross device solution our experts used WebRTC for web and android , opentalk / talkbox for iOS platform.