As customer banking is changing, Branch-Based Banking models are becoming irrelevant and are unable to meet the rapidly evolving customer needs for real time access and simplicity in banking interactions. Transactions in banks has been one of the major activities of branches, are now migrating out of the branch into other channels like mobile apps, internet and mobile banking which gives more flexibility and greater intractability to the customers. The digital revolution has created a new segment of customers called Customer 3.0 who are not only digitally well connected, but they are also well informed and demand a healthy personalized banking approach in their respective communications, products and services. They prefer to use their mobiles for banking needs and purchase their banking services much alike to their purchases of music, books or other products online.Instead of walking into a local branch during banking hours, in this new banking scenario, Appsbee is fully equipped and capable of providing right mobility solution which can meet Customer 3.0 's expectations and build greater customer relationship and engagement through mobility and social media.