“The Smiling faces around keeps you charged up”

Being in the office of Appsbee you will never feel suffocated with cubicles around where people just like to move from A to B. Rather, a fresh air of innovative approaches is seen all around. Trying innovative ways for reaching the target is the base way of operation here. This enables finding the most comfy route. It even reflects in the interior of the work spaces too.

Our information engineering hub is based in Lehi, Utah, US. The supporting centers are based in Kolkata, India and Sweden.

Hop in, take sip of refreshing cup of cappuccino
and talk business with BEES!

Our Kolkata office is really a loveable one. From time and again we grab our cricket accessories and spoil ourselves with fun. Taking about projects is fun with friends around. People working here love to share knowledge and enhance their knowledge. Every day at the end of the work brainstorming sessions are held to maintain sharp innovation.

With such a happy office environment the family life also is very much blessed. The balance between work and personal life is perfect in every bee’s case. From time and again we love to act as GUIDE to our clients coming to the city. Oh the lunch menu is simply Mmmmmmmm !