Amber Alert GPS

The purpose of this document is to highlight the process and results of a real-world implementation of a mobile application by Appsbee team. The document provides a virtual guidance on how solutions were provided to every individual requirement, making Amber Alert GPS a globally trusted product.

Project details

Amber Alert GPS is a Arizona, U.S.A based team of dynamic minds, envisioned to create a smart application that could track the location of a child by GPS. The goal was to build a fast, convenient, and reliable medium that would be a constant communication bridge between the parents and the children. The intended outcome was to bring constant care and control to hands of parents in a shape of a smartly designed device that could track little ones online or from mobile, with accurate notifications.

Project Requirements

The primary requirements of Amber Alert GPS were to build a real-time location tracking application, which would act as a constant bridge between the parents and child. The application was primarily required to be a reliable source of children’s whereabouts, which would show the parents with real-time location tracks of their children. The performance requirements were to build a user-friendly mobile application that would have a set up of safe zones, and would alert the parents when the child enters or exits the virtual boundary. Additional requirements were to provide parents with a wide range of smart features such as Real time location tracking, 2 Way calling, Active alerting, Link to mobile app, Simultaneous alerting, Easy to use and Thoroughly reliable. The design requirement was intended to be omnipresent, fast, secure, and reliable; that would allow people in the shared network to be a part of a seamless online communication.

Significant features developed by Appsbee:

  • The product is designed to sync seamlessly between Android and iOS devices.
  • The app designed by the team monitors the child’s activities, tracks movements, and logs history without user intervention.
  • The application supports 2 way calling, keeping both the parties constantly connected.
  • The application is also designed to enable critical alerts, and send SOS messages, if the kid/ teen enters and exits the safe zone, is injured, or falls prey to unscrupulous hands.
  • Complete privacy is one of the significant feature of Amber Alert GPS. Your location data is only shared with the people you explicitly grant permission to see you’re the location.
amber-alert-gps_app amber-alert-gps_app

Application Screens

Amber Alert GPS screen Amber Alert GPS screen Amber Alert GPS screen Amber Alert GPS screen Amber Alert GPS screen Amber Alert GPS screen Amber Alert GPS screen Amber Alert GPS screen


The greatest challenge as well as opportunity was to build a real-time location tracking application that:
  • Proved easy and delivered high performance
  • Could sync effortlessly between Android and iOS
  • Could provide real time location tracks
  • Was battery efficient

Building a mobility solution that would perform on more than a single platform, feeding constant real-time feeds into the devices, was anything but a challenge for the Appsbee team. The visionary platform required integration and implementation of multiple mobile technologies. Building a mobile application that could feed in real time notifications, irrespective of location and distance, along with appropriate mappings, inherently demanded top notch technical finesse.




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