Adobe Office Co-pilot


This case study highlights the development process of a mobile based indoor-navigation application developed by Appsbee, and results of its real-world implementation. The document also underlines how all requirements were met with adequate solutions making Adobe Office Co-pilot a high-end product.

Project details:

Adobe Systems Incorporated is an American multinational computer software company. The company wanted an indoor-navigation app to be used by the visitors within the premises of its 280,000 sq. ft. Lehi office in USA. The aim of the app was to guide the visitors accurately across the various locations accessible to them.

Project Requirements

The basic requirement of the app was to enable the guests to navigate smoothly across the different locations open to visitors of the Adobe’s sprawling office premises ensuring convenience and great visit experience. The client wanted to do away with the manual registration process at the reception which increased the wait time for the visitors. Despite the fact that no illegitimate access was possible into the company premises, tracking the whereabouts of the visitors was significant from the point of view of security. This necessitated real time tracking of the location of the visitors and the time they spent in each place.


The project came as a challenge owing to the vastness of the area that required to be covered. This required a platform which offered complete accuracy in terms of floor plan and location. Lack of availability of internet in many areas created issues in continuous navigation. Another challenge was floor switching. All the issues needed to be dealt with a single solution which included remedies that could tackle all the challenges effectively.

What Appsbee did

Team Appsbee held several brainstorming sessions to decide on a platform that could deal with most of the challenges in the best manner.

grubjet_app docsink_app
  • We used a 3rd party SDK that could provide a platform where we placed the floor plan of our building. But taking points on the floor plan are completely managed and stored in our own DB.
  • The 3rd party API was not providing accurate functionality to switch floors automatically; hence, Appsbee implemented manual floor switching.
  • Appsbee implemented shortest path calculation system to find any destination easily.

Application Screens

adobe screen adobe screen adobe screen adobe screen



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